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Mr. Darcy Color Nuances

Mr. Darcy Color Nuances

It's difficult to know a color by its name or photo alone, isn't it?

Flavor nuances are often touted on wine and chocolate labels, and some of them make me laugh. "Dark and intense, mossy forest floor", or "black walnut and licorice balance the tangy, laser-like flavor of this aged..."(I'm exaggerating, but you get the idea). The notes are there, not only to make something sound appetizing (forest floor?) but to help you get a broader understanding of the product so you can have a greater appreciation for it.

Well, prepare your palettes for some gratuitous Mr. Darcy leather descriptions! 

We know that monitors display images differently based on their white/color balance. With this short picture-blog, I intend to help you better understand the tones of our leathers by walking you through the nuances of each leather selection and comparing the colors to everyday things. 

We recommend purchasing samples of the leathers you are interested in. Sometimes you just don't know until you can see it in person! 

Please keep in mind that each color lot varies, and a hide of leather will feature both light and dark variations within itself. 


 Mr. Darcy

Leather Type: all Mr. Darcy leather is a vegetable-tan leather

Texture: mostly smooth with occasionally raised natural range markings and fat rolls/scars

Does this leather scratch easily? Yes

Is this leather flexible? Mr. Darcy leather is moderately flexible and breaks in easily with use


Color: Buttered Rum

This color is very similar to how it looks when you pour creamer into your coffee or tea. Just like its name, Buttered Rum is a light, buttery tan color that will darken several shades darker depending on use and exposure to light. 

Color reminiscent of: 

toasted butter, natural wood grain, beige, angel food cake



Color: Toffee

Toffee is a light, warm-toned brown. Because the Toffee is a veg-tanned leather, it will darken with age. The depth of patina it will acquire is dependent on how it is used and how much direct light it is exposed to. 

Color reminiscent of:

Maple syrup, dark caramel, hazelnut  


Color: Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is a very bright, rich pink. The color can sometimes appear fuchsia in photographs, and some color variations are more warm-toned than others. This color reminds us of the bud of a sweet pea, or the deep, pigmented center of an English Rose.


Color reminiscent of:

English rose, party punch, sweet pea flowers


Color: Titanic

Titanic is the color of tropical waters with warm sand underneath. 

It is a true turquoise with equal parts green and blue. As the leather ages, it will become deeper and darker, and the color will become warmer (possibly more green) because of the patina showing from underneath. Think of it as the sand beneath the water. 


Color reminiscent of:

Caribbean shallows, green blue, aquamarine



          Pictured above: shallow tropical waters (left) close-up view of Titanic Leather Variation (right)


 Color: Carie Harling's Violet

 This is a deep, earthy violet color that can appear as a dark eggplant-purple. The color appears darker indoors, and when bright light hits it, a warm violet is apparent. 

Reminiscent of: 

The edges of a violet's petals, Grape Jolly Ranchers, aubergine 



*indoor, natural light




Color: Lemon Drop

Lemon drop is a very warm yellow. It is not overly bright, although harsh lighting may cause it to appear brighter in color. 

This is a mellow yellow that will deepen into a rich, new gamboge yellow over time. 

Reminiscent of:

butternut squash, daffodils, marigolds



Color: Amaretto

This is a red that POPS with neutrals. There are no hints of oranges or browns. Just crisp, clear, bright red. As with all Mr. Darcy leathers, this will darken in color the longer you use it. 

Reminiscent of:

Holiday red, nautical, candy red




Color: Martini

The Martini leather is very ALIVE. The bright color allows all of the natural variation within the leather to show itself. The color is very much like looking at the sun through a bright green leaf. As it darkens it will become more of an olive-toned green. 


Reminiscent of:

Green apples, martini olives, fern







Thanks for reading!

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