How to use your Reward, Sale, or Gift Card Codes

Hello, Sparrow Family!

Here is some information about sales and discount codes. 


Once in a while we offer seasonal promotions and sales which we announce in our newsletters. We are very happy that we are able to offer our customers a sweet deal once in a while. We feel especially privileged because we are a small business and our products are made by hand. This being said, in order to offer these seasonal deals and discounts, they must be used in a specific way. Learn how below: 

 Discount Types

1. Discount Codes 

  • All sale savings will be by a discount code. If the code is not entered at checkout you will not get your savings. Don't forget to add that special code before entering payment information. 


2. Rewards Points

  • Chic Sparrow rewards are redeemed by you in your personal account. You will redeem your chic sparrow rewards for a coupon code. This coupon code will be entered at checkout before payment. 

For more information about rewards points please visit Rewards Terms and Conditions


3. Gift Cards

  • Our digital Gift Cards are in the form of a discount code. If you buy a Chic Sparrow gift card or if you are gifted a Chic Sparrow gift card, there will be a 16 digit code that you will enter in the "discount code" box right before entering any additional payment information. Gift Cards work towards products only and do not apply to shipping fees.

Discount Rules 

Codes Cannot be Added Retroactively

  • To receive your savings you must enter the code in before payment at the time of purchase. If you forget to add the code, please reach out to us right away (within 12 hours). We may be able to cancel your order so you can reorder with your code. 

Online Only

  • We cannot add Gift Card or Rewards codes over the phone. The codes are tracked by email and in order to work properly the code must be entered by the customer through our online ordering system. 


One Code Per Order

  • Codes cannot be combined. If you have more than one code you will have to choose which one to use for that particular order. 


Most Codes do Not Expire

  • Gift Card codes, Rewards Points, and some other discounts do not expire until they are used by you. Seasonal or Special Event discount codes typically have an expiration date (i.e. Second Chance, Holiday). 

Customs Forms & International 

When we ship items overseas we are required by law to display the full value for the package contents as well as the processing/shipping fees on the outside of the parcel, regardless of the sale price of the item. 

If you use a discount code, we will still post the original product value on the customs form. 

For example, if an item costs $20 regularly, but you use a $5 off coupon, the $20 price will be reflected on the customs form even though you only paid $15. 

Unfortunately, this poses a challenge for some people. We understand that brokerage/customs  fees for our international customers can be quite high and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 


Thank you for reading and as always, if you need anything, please reach out to customer care in one of the following ways: 



Phone: (509) 325-7206 


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