How to Make Sure your Order gets Shipped in a Box

August 29, 2017 0 Comments

Hi, Sparrows!

We know you appreciate having options, we do too! We do our best  to keep shipping affordable for all of our customers by using conservative shipping materials and offering different shipping couriers. We know that one size does NOT fit all, and for those of you who prefer box-shipping, read on.

We will package your orders in one of three ways:

  1. Padded envelope
  2. Flat box
  3. Large square box 

The shipping materials we choose for your specific order are based on:

  • Item weight
  • Item shape
  • Order Size


If you'd like to guarantee your order will be shipped in a box, please select the shipping option "Chic Box Priority" from the drop-down during checkout.

(prices may change) 

The Chic Box is our regular, sturdy, flat cardboard box that ships through Priority USPS (2-3 business days from dispatch). 

 International Customers (prices may change)

 Select "Chic Box First Class International" (First Class USPS Mail)