Classic or Deluxe?

by Ruth Henrickson March 29, 2017 0 Comments

Hello, friends! Here's a quick break-down of some different options available for our Classic and Deluxe notebooks. More questions after reading? Contact us at 

Classic or Deluxe
Are you a journaler? A Planner? A Writer of all sorts? 
First thing's first, choose your model. Are you a minimalist in need of a basic leather cover for your favorite notebooks -or do you simply prefer the structure of a plain leather cover? Classic is your best bet. Do you need the workhorse with all the fixins'? Deluxe is your model. 


a. Deluxe always comes with...

  • top stitched interior pockets
  • top stitching around the book 
  • stitched in pen loop (always stitched in on the deluxe models)
  • OPTIONAL: hot-press personalization on most leathers  



b. Classic always comes as...

  • Simple leather cover 


  • OPTIONAL: Riveted Pen Loop 
  • OPTIONAL: Top Stitching (around book)
  • OPTIONAL: Top Stitching with Stitched in Pen Loop 
  • OPTIONAL: hot-press personalization on most leathers  

Deluxe Notebook Options

      1. Do you want personalization? 

  • If yes, select your font and write your inscription message in the box below. If not, just select 'None' under 'Inscription Typeface*'. Inscriptions must be 15 characters, including spaces. We do not have special characters in our collection. 


Classic Notebook Options

On a Classic model, there are a couple more decisions to make. You can choose from the...

      1. Riveted Pen Loop

  • A small leather loop is affixed to the back cover of your notebook using antiqued brass or silver rivets. The riveted pen loop is made of leather that matches your notebook and fits most pen models nice and snug. It can be used with or without top stitching (border stitching). The riveted pen loop will stick out from the side of your book ever so slightly (In the picture below, the riveted pen loop is on the Creme Brûlée (brown notebook).

       2.  Top Stitching 

  • this option is for stitching around the border of your notebook. It does not come with a pen loop, it is just border stitching. This option is perfect for those who like stitching, but DON'T like pen loops. 


       3.  Stitching with Stitched In Pen Loop 

  •  The stitching with stitched-in pen loop is border stitching around your book and a rectangular shape pen loop. The pen loop is made from the same leather as your notebook. The sewn-in pen loop shape fits all different pen models and can be folded inwards when not in use. This is a bundle option: you receive border stitching + stitched-on pen loop for $8.99. 

       4.  Do you want personalization? 

  • If yes, select your font and write your inscription message in the box below. If not, just select 'None' under 'Inscription Typface*'. 
  • Foil inscription is currently not available. We may add it at some point in the future, on smooth leathers only. 





After making these decisions, you will be asked to check the small box right above the "add to cart" button. This is to confirm that you understand that your piece of leather will have its own unique color and texture variation. 

Now you can continue shopping or checkout from there.


Thank you for reading, and happy sparrowing! 



Ruth H.

Chic Sparrow  



Ruth Henrickson
Ruth Henrickson