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The Carroll Collection

The Carroll Collection

Friday, June 5th at 9 AM PST marks the start of an adventure that will add a spark of creativity to your lineup. Introducing, the Carroll Collection. There are a few colors planned to join this collection in the future and it all begins tomorrow with the launch of the color Alice.  Wisps of clouds passing against a light blue sky, dark speckles on a robins blue egg, the cool water of the lake, and the refreshing chill of spring rain. Find constellations in your hands as a daydream tumbles onto your pages.

Some details 

  • The Carroll Collection will be released one color at a time
  • This full-grain leather is chromium tanned 
  • It is approximately 3-4 oz thick
  • A flexible, soft handed leather with a somewhat smooth finish
  • Gently spattered with small speckles
Follow the white rabbit to start your Carroll story today!


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The Alphabet Monogram Series

The Alphabet Monogram Series Something else new I’d like to share with you today involves the Hand Tooled Collection. You expressed your anticipation for specific monogram letters to be available and these requests have been heard. A new product listing for the Alphabet Monogram Series of Deluxe Hand Tooled notebooks is live now!

This new listing allows you to choose the size, letter of the alphabet, and stain color of the notebook. Please keep in mind that these notebooks will be constructed once the order is placed and therefore these orders may result in an extended turnaround time.  I am so happy to be able to offer these new options for the Hand Tooled notebooks and excited for you to receive yours!

Click here to view this listing  

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