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A Perfect Fit

A Perfect Fit

Distinctly Unique

Have you ever stumbled upon a notebook design that spoke to you? Maybe you’ve chosen to match a personality to a cover for the perfect gift? In any case, these artistic engravings and inspirational quotes make the Hand-Tooled Collection distinctly unique at Chic Sparrow. 

Who are they for?

My father, being a farmer, is always keeping service records of oil changes, mileage, part numbers, crop rotations, etcetera, in a shabby old notebook that inevitably falls to pieces before it is filled. I saw the hand-tooled “Wheat” and knew I had to get it for him. A sturdy cover to protect his records in a design that certainly suits his style, profession, and personality. 


My mother has always been a morning person. Although that trait did not pass on to me, I did grow to appreciate her energy and attitude towards a new day. I recall several mornings she would march through the hall opening our bedroom doors, singing loudly and out of key, “Rise and shine, and give God the glory!” In my youth, knowing school was to follow, this fell on my ears as an unwelcome awakening. Yet, over the years these memories have become warm and fond. Naturally, when I saw the hand-tooled “Rise & Shine” Weekly Calendar Cover, she came to my mind and this had to be her new morning journal. -Luke S.

Who in your life can you find in a hand-tooled design? 

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