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A few more...

A few more...

Moroccan Pink

Though the initial stock for the Moroccan Pink Limited Edition leather has since been exhausted. There are a few more products that were created from this leather which have recently been completed!
Please keep in mind that these products are in limited stock and availability.
These products will be made available on Tuesday, September 15th, between 10 & 11 AM Pacific Time. 


What are these products?


  • 10 covers in the Lewis design (all items sold with detachable strap)


  • 11 covers in the Clark design (all items sold with detachable strap)


  • There will also be a small amount of covers in the Cascade & B6 Slim Folio designs.


On Tuesday, September 15th, click here to shop!

Thank you for reading & I will see you soon at Chic Sparrow!

Luke S.

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