When I hold a piece of leather, my hands gravitate to the most interesting parts. I run my fingers over the little bumps and feel the slightest change in texture. I allow myself to wonder how these little changes came to be. I memorize it’s location size and color difference. This mark makes the piece unique, It makes it mine.

Full grain leather has a lot of these marks, and I, like the sea to the moon, am drawn to it. Full grain leather is a natural resource that provides me with a medium with which I can create one of a kind items that beautifully display their own story and have a wonderful charming way of begging you to add your own.

I know full grain leather isn’t for everyone, but those that prefer high quality durable leather that will last a lifetime, and manage to charm it’s way into your heart as it has mine, are going to love the leathers from Chic Sparrow. Inc. 

Here is a description of very common markings to look for on your leather:


Ranchers still use this practice to quickly identify their herd animals from the next ranchers over as well as some other information they need to keep with the animal. The brands can be shapes, symbols, numbers or letters. I purchase most of my leather at the highest grade level so brands are not common on my leathers; however, the tote bags will and do have branding on them. I find the brands charming and sometimes it’s fun to try and find a brand that has the same initials as my customer.

Insect Bites

These can be black or white spots and were made by critters such as mosquitoes, ticks and flyers, just to name a few. Sometimes the spots are raised and will change the texture of the leather quite a bit. 


A cows life is a bit dangerous, maybe it got caught in some barbed wire, bushes, or got in a fight with another cow. There may be long thin lines or shallow scars in the cows skin, a lot can happen.

Stretch Marks and Fat rolls

If cows grow too fast, or just get really big, they get stretch marks just like we do. And just like us they are always unique. But if you ask me they look better on the leather then they do on us.


There are no two ways about it, leather has veins. Depending on the time of year, there could be very few or a lot. 


Markings sometimes happen in the tannery,  leather that is dyed, not painted,  will have variations in color.  Sometimes you'll have a wrinkle or any number of surface markings.  

These are the six most common markings and not every piece will have all six, maybe not any. Thats the beauty of it. It has it’s own personality and you just don’t know exactly what you’ll get.

We always throw away the parts that we find do not meet our standard,  it is our policy to try to use as much of the leather as possible and not to contribute to the ever growing landfill mass.  We try to honor the cow by using as much as we possibly can and create beautiful warm and inviting items that are ready years of tough love.  

Please do not be tempted to write me and request that your order be free from ____________ or request that your order have extra ______________. I cannot spend my days sorting through trying to find each person exactly that specific request. I’d never get anything done and I have a lot to do. Did you know there are over 100 steps to making a single deluxe notebook? 

So here is what I do promise you. 

I promise Full Grain leather of the highest quality I can personally buy, I promise your item will be made by two loving hands right here in the United States of America, with materials sorced from the United States whenever possible. I can’t promise your item will be perfect because perfection is subjective, but it will hold it’s own beauty and will be ready for years of hard use, or gentle use, whichever you prefer.

Next, lets talk about what it means to be hand made.

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