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You all know that full grain leather means the leather has lots of little inconsistencies in the leather because it's the true grain of the leather,  it's not resurfaced and stamped to hide the "flaws".   At Chic Sparrow, these "flaws" mean quality perfect leather.  Because this is how full grain leather is expected to look.

I also know that this isn't for everyone and that is perfectly understandable,  to those folks who prefer a more perfect finish,  I highly recommend seeking out the makers who use vegan products because the products they use are generally man made and the surface is going to have a "perfected" pattern stamped into it. This may satisfy those who prefer to have a surface free of natural texture.  

If I were to make my notebooks out of only the pristine sections of the leather,  the price per Travelers notebook would more than quadruple simply because of all the waste.   To me this is absolute travesty, and an irresponsible use of such a precious resource.   So I use every piece I can and I honestly do love all the little texture and visual surprises.  

What does all of this have to do with the title of this blog post?    Well,  nothing except as a reminder for the following.

When you make a request (in your comments at the time of your order) for a super smooth piece or  the color to be a certain way,  we try to do everything we can to make that happen,  but sometimes we simply don't have what you are requesting,  due to the nature of the full grain leather.   From here forward,  unless you specifically state that you'll be happy with whatever we send,   your line item will be canceled and refunded and if you have anything remaining on your order it will be fulfilled and sent.   We will not be calling to explain but you will see in your email the reason for the cancelation.   

If you have any questions about this please give us a call or send us an email,  we will be happy to explain it further to you.

Have a wonderful day!




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