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 Quick Info:

To better serve you, we must be contacted within 12 hours of the order placement if edits or cancellations must be made. After that point, we have begun working on your order and will not be able to cancel or make adjustments. Thank you for understanding!

1. Combining Multiple Orders: Domestic and International Shipments   
  • We understand why you would want to conserve on shipping costs, especially orders overseas - but unfortunately, we are unable to combine orders. Every order number must have its own unique tracking number, and we have found that tampering with this system results in confusion both with our customers and in our shop. Thank you for understanding as we navigate this challenge.
2. Jitney Red, Cosmopolitan Brown, Maverick, etc, why are they retired?
  • We retire leathers NOT because we are tired of them, but because we know there are so many other amazing leathers out there to try. We may bring old favorites back occasionally for limited runs, and you will be notified of special events like this by keeping in touch on our Chic Sparrow Facebook page.
3. Discontinued colors, will they ever be back? 
  • I would love to say yes, but it’s hard to predict the future.   We are always trying new things and looking for ways to improve our products.    Dye plays a major roll in the texture of the leather and we are always wanting the most supple and most beautiful results so we will continue to look for dyes that provide the best end product.
3. Can I upgrade from a classic to a deluxe by requesting pockets be added?
  • To put it simply, no.  We have a limited amount of leather and we divide it up between Classic and Deluxe based on popularity.  If it's online it means we have already cut it out and or sewn it up.   We finish it out once it's ordered and ship it out. 

4. Do you do custom orders or special requests?

  • Due to the high demand on our time we no longer do custom orders, but let us know upon checkout if you prefer a certain texture of leather, a piece with character, etc. and we will do our best to send you what we have that is as close to your request as possible.  We do not promise or guarantee your request will be granted, but we will do everything we can to make it happen.   We do not move the closure or do a double closure. We cannot leave out a pen loop on a Deluxe notebook - see number 3. 

5. 15 character inscription limit, do you really mean that? 

    • Yes, We have found that the best impression on the leather is 15 characters.  When the stars were perfectly aligned in the past,  we could sneak a few more characters in,  but because too many notebooks had to be remade due to poor impression,  we must limit the characters to 15 per line. No exceptions. 

    6. How long after I place an order can I expect my order to ship?

    • Classic models with no added stitching /pen loop or inscription are typically out the door within 5-10 business days but could take up to 10 business days. Keep in mind that orders placed during holidays may take a couple extra business days. If you have a concern regarding ship time, please contact us. We will be able to give you a better estimate based on your specific location. Our handmade products have many steps, and we won’t sacrifice detail for time. We know you appreciate that!  

    7. International Shipments - Expected Wait and When to Contact Customs  

    If you are an International Customer, we highly recommend selecting Priority shipping at checkout.

    The United States Postal Service (USPS) tracking number is replaced by a different tracking code once the package has been sorted and marked in your country’s sorting facility. Most of the time, the tracking number is transferred over without a hitch, but occasionally mistakes do happen.

    • If you feel the wait has been too long and suspect your package has been lost, we highly recommend you contact your local Customs office and inquire about your package. We are happy to contact our USPS to ensure the package left the United States, but are only able to track the order's location while it is still in the USPS tracking system. We have seen locals get faster results when inquiring of packages that have their name and address information on them.
    • If you are unable to track your shipment past the states, the most common reason is that your order is being processed in a sorting facility and has not been marked yet. Please allow time for this process. Orders usually turn up in a matter of days after being sorted.
    • The course of action should your package be lost: Chic Sparrow’s policy is to wait 90 days for the order to either arrive to you or return back to us before proceeding to the next step. Refunds are not offered for undelivered packages see our our terms and conditions page:
    • CANADA RESIDENTS: if you choose UPS, please choose UPS Worldwide Expedited for larger orders. I have heard feedback that Worldwide Expedited has a lower C.O.D. but if your order is under $30, UPS Standard should be fine. We leave the choice up to the purchaser. We want to make sure you have as much information as possible to choose the best solution for you. 

    8. I heard something about Second Chance or "orphan Sparrow" journals. Can I buy one?

      • Sometimes our journals have unique characteristics that make them stand apart. We can’t put them on the shelf for just anyone. The journals we re-home in this sale are selected for a number of reasons. Some have a stitch out of place. Some have minor scratches or marks that were done post production. Others are simply retired colors or styles. We do not send out journals with full names or personal quotes - we cover them with plaques or inspirational quotes. We do not send out damaged pieces. All of these Second Chance journals are fully functional, beautiful, unique pieces of leather. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so you can stay updated on when and how we will be finding homes for some of our misfit journals! Twitter:  @Jennifer_Harvey IG: @thechicsparrow Facebook:

      9. Do you accept returns?

        10. Do you accept exchanges?

        • Personal Preference/Use We have recently set an exchange policy in place that allows you to exchange an item within 5 days of receiving the package if you are not fully satisfied. We base the 5 days off of when the tracking shows the item as delivered. There is a 20% restocking fee for all exchanges (please read terms and conditions, after section 9). If you would like to exchange a product you recently received, please contact us within the 5 day period so we can better serve you. Please note you will be responsible for paying shipping to us and back again. 
        • We cannot exchange paper inserts or vinyl dashboards. We also cannot exchange used items, sale purchases, or customized items. An example of customization includes inscriptions, ink markings (on the Odyssey notebooks), stitching added (on Classic models) or pen loops added (Classic models). 
        •  Defective Product Chic Sparrow always wants to make sure your experience is consistent with the high quality we pride ourselves in. If there is something wrong on a product that you receive, please let us know. We will do everything we can to make it right.  Definition: A defect would be a mistake in general construction.   Smell, color, texture, and hide variation are not defects. Cattle brandings on full grain leather are also not defects but characters of high quality top grain leather.  Some of the notebooks will have a number stamped on the inside, this is also not a defect, and we do not exchange notebooks that have this stamp.  
        • For more info please visit our Terms and Conditions page.  


        11. Applying discount codes after purchases have been made?

        • If you have a discount code and you forget to use it when you check out,   you can usually use it again on your next purchase. If you have any concerns about your coupon code please call us BEFORE you place your order as we cannot apply discounts retroactively. Codes must be use at the time of purchase. Because discount codes (including rewards points) expire once you use them on a purchase, the code will not work again on another order. If you choose to cancel an order that you used a discount code on, the code will not be valid again. It's use has expired.
          12. I'd love to review your products on my blog or social media accounts. Who do I contact? 
        • Our official policy is that we do not provide free or discounted products for review, and we do not sponsor content. If you read a review on a blog or other social media, you can be 100% sure you're hearing it from a real customer - just like you. 
        13. I can’t delete an item in my cart! What causes this and how do I get rid of it? 
        • items that have gone out of stock since sitting in your cart can get stuck there. This is a problem with Browser Caching. If an item or extra charge is sitting in your cart and you cannot seem to delete it, this is what to do:


        1. Clear browsing history before checkout. OR 
        2. From your shopping cart page, add ‘/clear' on to the chic sparrow url, and push enter.  

          14. Lost or Stolen Packages

          • Chic Sparrow highly recommends using insured carriers (UPS-PRIORITY USPS), as we cannot be held accountable for lost, stolen packages or undelivered. All claims must be filed with the courier, or taken up with your local postal service authority. 


          Please direct any further questions to


          Thank you!

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